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A Black Breastfeeding & Vision Board Experience

December 4, 2017


I had the pleasure of attending a Black Breastfeeding Week event on August, 31, 2017, out of my own interest for blogging and in learning, what does it take to breastfeed? I am not a mother biologically but culturally speaking, I have been a Mama from the time I was a child, even given the nick name, “Mommy.”


In African American culture, especially in my family it is typical for the young girls to assist in caring for children with small tasks such as holding babies, feeding them, graduating to changing diapers and babysitting them. These are early lessons in family responsibility, trust, child and self-development.


Black Breastfeeding Week was observed this year August 25-31, 2017

 This year is celebrating 5 years 2013-2017

Facebook: @Blackbreastfeedingweek


The Anacostia Arts Center has a welcoming atmosphere where guests are greeted by friendly faces, pass by shops full of African culture based merchandise, businesses, and artwork.


Present at the event were mothers with their young children, mostly infant-toddlers, less than 18-months old. All of the mothers in attendance introduced themselves and shared their experience with breastfeeding. Yes, they all breastfed or were currently breast feeding their children! So awesome! I observed small acts of kindness as the women became acquainted with one another. We made room for each other’s presence. I overheard one woman politely ask, “do you want me to hold her,” as a mother was gathering refreshments. The vibe was chill and the egos were at ease.


Each child was cared for in a loving and nurturing way. I witnessed a breastfed infant son coddled by his mother.  She spoke sweetly to him, giving him kisses while he fussed and moaned purposefully until quietly content feeding.


Mamatoto Village, Inc.

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Reflections of Motherhood

Madame Terressa Bowman, our gracious host for the event created dialogue with her audience by asking, what are some specific challenges of motherhood?

What is life like for you?


The audience was active in sharing their different perspectives of parenting including non-biological mothers and their role in a child’s life.


Terressa Bowman, is a mother, a doctoral candidate, and therapist. She shared a triumphant story of how using a vision board helped her succeed in getting her son off all medications prescribed his diagnosis on the Autism Spectrum.


Bowman implements a well-researched nutritious diet accompanied with a structured lifestyle and lots of motherly support for her son. One tip she shared was that she transitioned her son onto a gluten free diet to help decrease behavioral symptoms.


She outlined how she was going to achieve the goal into methodical broken down steps. The theory she created in using vision boards was a success for her so much that she wanted to share her gift and teach others to enhance their own vision and reach their goals.

Our Visionary

Teressa Bowman, MA is a mother of two children, Resident in Counseling, Doctoral Candidate, and Founder of Young Visionaries. She has her Bachelor of Science (BS) in Psychology (University of Maryland University College, 2010) and Master of Arts (MA) in Professional Counseling (Liberty University, 2013), and currently pursuing her Doctorate of Psychology at University of the Rockies.


The Young Visionary’s Vision Board Experience - Vision Boards 2.0

Experience. Clinical Background. Passion. Experience turned into passion.


Applying her own Theory of Visualization & Use of Vision Boards


What makes Young Visionaries Vision Board experience so difference from other vision board parties?


Ms. Bowman’s clinical background and way of creating the vision board adds an accountability aspect that goes beyond cutting and pasting words and pictures. As part of her own vision board set goals of being a loving parent, Teressa noted that she rearranged her work and school schedule to be able to spend more time with her son. Her goal for her son was to reach his full academic potential. Her son was in non-verbal class at the time. Her vision board process was proven effective when her son’s teacher later reported, “he is the only one talking!” Since then, her son was transitioned into a public school, inclusive-classroom setting.


Teressa presented four researched terms she attuned for her vision board theory.


She simply asked, why do you use vision boards? Then she facilitated a discussion on the importance of vision and a technique: visualization of goals.


The introductions of the attendees led to a healthy discussion and presentation of information below.

Young Visionaries

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Be confident in the example you show to children by being the best example to your children. Teressa provided an example of how her daughter also requests a smoothie or healthy snack over a non-nutritious treat, like candy or artificial fruit snack. Why? Terressa has taken charge of her own health and wellness and her daughter has surely noticed. “She expects me to pull out the Ninja and make her a smoothie.”


“Vision Boards can help increase confidence when you achieve goals.

Terressa Bowman, MA

The T. Bowman Effect

Teressa’s presence was calm, comforting and encouraging. She had a welcoming, Queendom presence.


The information presented was sound and practical. Teressa has worked with families and focuses on behavioral analysis with the use of evidence based approaches and interventions. This type of clinical background supports the reliability of information presented.


She explained the power of behavior from adults and their impact on children and provided many examples with the inclusion of the audience.


Children absorb information from your actions. They watch what you do and incorporate it into their own psyche more than what you tell them and want them to do. The power of actions, behavior, and what children see from their parents and other adults is significant.


Discussion topics included:

  1. Identification of Need/Problem area in life

  2. Define specific Young Visionaries terms

  3. Apply these terms to your life and goals

“Young Visionaries, vision board process was unique and refreshing! I learned a new way of incorporating my vision onto a vision board. The accountability aspect of it all is what I like the most and through “baby steps” I know I can conquer what I set out to achieve.”

Stephanie R. Walker, MA


“Being a mom is at the center of my vision board…and I want to be a better Mom everyday.” Teressa Bowman, MA


Young Visionaries, Vision Boards influences practice and purpose, helping others bring their dreams and desires into fruition.


Parents and non-biological parents were encouraged to be an example to their children in what you say and do.


This event was held in collaboration with:


Mamatoto Village, Inc.

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Instagram: @Mamatotovillage

Facebook: @Mamatotovillage

Twitter: @Mamatotovillage


Refreshments were compliments of the Adrenaline Center Good Hope Road SE Washington, DC.






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